Posting Policy


GENERAL: This policy will apply to all information posted or forwarded to Club members by the Mustang Club of Central Iowa, and includes all information on or in its website, monthly newsletter and periodic emails.

POLICY INTENT:  The intent of this policy is to ensure that members of the Mustang Club of Central Iowa receive timely information about events, products, services, and cars for sale, etc., that may be of interest to them so that they can take advantage of as many different opportunities as possible.  Obviously, the bulk of the information on the Club’s website and in the newsletter and emails will be about specific Mustang Club of Central Iowa events.  The administration of the “other information” on and in the website, newsletter and emails is the focus of this policy.

ADMINISTRATION:  This policy will be administered by the Club member in charge of the Club database, with overview as necessary by the Club’s Board of Directors.  If at any time the Club member in charge of the Club database, or any Club member, is not certain whether an item of information meets the guidelines of this policy, it is that person’s responsibility to seek guidance from the Club’s Board before forwarding it to the members or asking to have it posted on the website.


1.  Changes To Events:  Any changes that occur to scheduled events, such as dates, times, places, cancellations, etc., will be sent to the membership as quickly as possible, which will be by email and updates on the website.  Such changes will also be noted in the next monthly newsletter.

2.  Other Car Clubs’ Events:  Events will be posted on the Club’s website, in the newsletter, and/or forwarded by email to the membership for one of three reasons:  (1) the Club has a reciprocal relationship with the other club, (2) the Club is co-sponsoring an event with another club or (3) the other club’s event(s) are being attended by MCCI members. Examples of these are:  (1) our Club’s reciprocal relationship with the Southern Iowa Mustang Club with whom we have an annual Spring Picnic and they attend our annual car show and many of our members attend theirs; (2) in the past, we had a Mustang/Camaro race series at the Eddyville drag strip with the Mid-Iowa Camaro Club; or (3) the Northwoods Shelby Club’s annual open track event at Road America.

3. Miscellaneous Events: Car-enthusiast events that MCCI members have historically attended, such as the annual Swap Meet in Columbus, OH, will be publicized on the website, in the newsletter and through emails.

4.  Spontaneous Events:  Periodically, Club members attend local, regional, or national car-enthusiast events that are not “regularly scheduled.” Those attending want to let others know about the event in case other members want to attend. For example, Mid America Motorplex has “Fast Fridays” every Friday in April – October.  An email will be sent to the membership on such occasions giving a meeting place, time, etc.

5.  Sell Or Buy Cars/PartsMembers only can advertise their own cars and parts to sell or buy in the monthly Club newsletter “Pony Coral”, as well as through emails (sent to the Club member in charge of the Club database for forwarding to the Club Newsletter Editor and the membership).

Non-members are allowed to contact the Club member in charge of the Club database and ask that sell or buy requests for their own Mustangs only and their own Mustang parts only be forwarded to the membership through emails.  The rationale for allowing non-members to do this is that members may be interested in what is for sale or needs to be purchased.  These items will not, however, be posted in the monthly newsletter.

Sponsors’ ads to sell Mustangs will be accepted only if the car is a Mustang of special interest to Club members (e.g., a used Mustang at a greatly reduced price or a new special, limited edition Mustang such as a Shelby GT500, Roush, or Saleen). This information will be distributed through emails only. Sponsors who have purchased a newsletter ad may use the ad to promote other Mustangs/Fords for sale or their related parts. The sponsor is responsible for creating and sending the ad to the newsletter editor in an approved format.

None of these items will be posted on the website.

6.  Requests For Information:  Members periodically need help trying to fix their cars or find parts, higher octane gas or a good body or upholstery shop.  Emails will be sent to the membership on such occasions asking if anyone can assist the member who needs help.

Non-members frequently contact our website asking for help, too, and their requests are also forwarded.  This is not only the right thing to do, but it also can generate new memberships.

7.  Club Sponsors:  Sponsors of the Mustang Club of Central Iowa are entitled to have their business name, address, phone number and web address link on the club’s website Sponsor page according to the MCCI Sponsorship Policy. Sponsors may also promote special events and activities through the Club website, newsletter, and emails as long as they adhere to the MCCI Posting Policy.

8.  Commercial Ads:  Commercial ads are accepted in the Club’s monthly newsletter only, and then only from Sponsors.  The Club does not accept commercial ads for posting on its website, from Sponsors or other businesses, nor does it forward them to the membership in emails.  Rates for a one-year ad in the monthly Club newsletter are as follows:  Business Card ad = $50, Quarter Page ad = $75, half-page ad = $150 and full-page ad = $300.

9.  Commercial Links to Other Websites:  The Club does not accept links to commercial websites except those who fall under the Sponsorship Policy.

10. Charitable/Civic Organizations:  Charitable and civic groups requesting the Club’s participation in their events with car displays or as part of parades (or occasionally for charitable groups as part of a cruise/car show fundraiser) will generally have their requests forwarded on to the membership and posted on the website.  Examples of such events are Operations Heroes Cruise (for returning wounded war vets), Arthritis Foundation Cruisin-For-A-Cause, and the Iowa State Fair Parade.

11. Monthly Newsletter:  The Club’s monthly newsletter is distributed in PDF format to those who have email addresses. Those who do not have email will receive it via USPS.